Things that you must know before your startup

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  • Startups have asymmetric nature: Startups, usually, are organizations with limited budgets and resources. Think about them as an organization trying to compete with other organizations with sometimes 1000 times bigger pool of resources.
  • Smaller teams are harder to manage: To have a properly working group, you will need more time to fix communication issues. Working in startups has quite extreme nature, and sometimes communication can escalate to not very propriety levels. You will need better communication skills to resolve these moments.
  • Significant dependencies: Until you sell your startups or become a big corporation, you will be dependent on your clients, partners, and last but not least, employees. It is crucial to choose your early people wisely because you can end up in a nasty divorce situation.
  • You have a 5% chance of success: Startups are failed endeavors from their beginning. To successfully scale a startup, you will need a total sum of 15 years of experience. And have in mind that this 5% includes startups that received funding. But funding does not mean cash positive.




Malaysian Living in China | Health Expert

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A Young Malaysian

A Young Malaysian

Malaysian Living in China | Health Expert

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