Keeping Your Child Safe Back in School

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Vaccinate or test

While students aged 12 and above are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, younger ones are not, thus the adults around them should be fully vaccinated to help protect them. — AZHAR MAHFOF/The Star

The infection was spread to the students with an attack rate of 80% (i.e. eight out of 10 were infected) in the two rows seated closest to the teacher’s desk and 28% (four out of 14) in the three back rows.

The latter was indicative that 1–2m physical distancing may not be sufficiently protective.

Mask mandates

Face mask mandates have been part and parcel of the Covid-19 standard operating procedures set by the National Security Council (NSC).

Hand sanitisation facilities

Hand sanitisation facilities, i.e. handwashing, or alternatively, alcohol hand rubs, are among the requirements at workplaces, which should also be applicable to schools.

Children have to understand why hand sanitisation is necessary, e.g. “clean hands stop the spread of infections”.

Facilities to wash hands with soap or the provision of alcohol hand sanitiser should be widely and easily available in all educational institutions. — Filepic

Ventilated classrooms

It is now generally accepted that the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is primarily airborne.

Reducing indoor numbers

Many classrooms are packed with students, particularly in the public sector.

This approach, when combined with face masks, has been shown to reduce viral spread in university campuses.

The use of outdoor spaces for lessons, where practicable, is another approach.

Testing schoolchildren

The availability of self-testing kits, if utilised judiciously, will help reduce viral spread.

Sick children

When a child is sick, parents should not send the child to school.

The child should not attend school until (s)he has fully recovered.

This will prevent the spread of any infectious disease, including Covid-19, in school.

Childcare centres

A study has reported that children up to three years old spread Covid-19 more than older children.


As Covid-19 spread in schools reflects community spread, it is crucial that all necessary measures are taken to limit community spread to ensure schools can be safe for all students.



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