Find your personality through your workout

How many of you are open to trying new workouts and sports? We all have friends who rave about a certain exercise or sport, and how much weight loss or muscle gain they’ve derived from it. Highly motivated, they drag you to give the activity a try, hoping it will become your passion too.

People often choose an activity based on the latest trends or a friend’s preference, with little thought as to whether they actually enjoy it.

It explains why new fitness hypes seldom last.

Unless you’re a sucker for mundane routines or extreme challenges, most of us would stop doing something totally uninspiring.

The world is made more exciting by our different personalities; similarly, we also have different workout personalities and like-minded people tend to be drawn towards the same sport.

Finding an activity you can connect with personally means that you’re much more likely to stick with it for life.

Check out which of the following fitness personalities fits you best:

The social butterfly

When it comes to fitness, you crave for the social experience and are happiest when a sense of camaraderie with your fellow gym or exercise mates develops over time.

This can be a plus when trying out a new activity, as you tend to observe and learn from others around you, instead of only relying on the instructor.

You tend to favour relationships over results, and having fun with others while breaking a sweat is the most important aspect to you in a workout.

Your type tends to be easy-going, cheerful and brimming with positive energy.

Solo workouts bore you and you need company in order to enjoy your workout.

Zumba, aerobics and group fitness classes are the workouts that suit you best.

The structured

You need routine, consistency and repetition to feel complete.

That means you’ll feel most motivated with a no-fluff or no-nonsense exercise regimen that you can learn and then repeatedly put into action.

You gravitate towards activities you are familiar and comfortable with, and more often than not, you prefer to go it alone.

Trying new workouts shakes your security and throws you out of whack, so you’d rather get a trusted trainer or coach and follow a tried-and-true exercise routine.

For example, you can be found on the treadmill every Monday and Wednesday, lifting weights on Tuesday, and perhaps doing Pilates or yoga on Saturday.

The introvert

This personality type is known for prioritizing downtime, and preferring silence or intimate conversations to small talk.

You might be nervous or shy, and get your energy from being alone or in a small group.

If there is too much external stimulation, your energy gets drained.

Crowds and group classes overwhelm you, so you’d rather go solo.

As you don’t like conversing with people, activities that suit you include running/swimming/hiking alone, following a virtual class with the camera turned off, or wearing headphones while you are working out in the gym to signal your desire not to be interrupted.

Try to keep your workouts short and effective.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), for example, can be extremely effective without you having to dedicate a lot of time to doing it.

You are accountable to yourself and don’t need other people to motivate you, nor do you like competition as any part of your fitness routine.

The go-getter

Go-getters enjoy a challenge and are quite competitive.

Ambitious and bursting with energy, you’ve got a competitive streak and are willing to put in the hard work needed to achieve your goals.

To reach your personal target or prize, you need a specific training programme and will keep pushing yourself to go further.

Go-getters embrace risk and enjoy challenging exercises and sports.

Your motto: never say die.

Choices for you to consider include mixed martial arts, full marathons or triathlons, CrossFit, adventure races and obstacle courses

The adventurer

Like the term implies, you like adventure and you’re game for anything when it comes to exercise and fitness.

With a passion for excitement and a flair for creativity, you’re not afraid to take risks and challenge yourself in an entirely new way.

You might make impulsive decisions and sign up for a triathlon, for example.

It may be tough, but you will push through with determination.

But you won’t sign up again if it was too taxing.

With an infectious personality and zest for life, you inspire others to want to follow your lead.

Final Words

No one falls squarely into one category; more importantly, if you find the exercise or sport that suits your personality, you will enjoy it and reap the rewards.



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