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Malaysian Living in China | Health Expert

Every time I think about getting the Covid-19 vaccine, my Facebook news feed will show me reports on this or that vaccine causing side effects, or even deaths. This makes me scared. What exactly is the truth?

All vaccines have side effects. Most of them are mild and will only cause you minor discomfort, if any at all.

Contrast this with getting the actual disease itself, such as Covid-19, measles, mumps, chickenpox, rubella or tuberculosis.

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That is why vaccination is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your children.

Vaccines prevent up to three million deaths…

There’s an old saying “There’s none so blind as they who choose not to see”.

China did what it did in full sight — the best-trained epidemiological eyes on this planet watched them at work — up close and personal. From the big pic to the nitty-gritty detail — from what all those medical anti-epidemic warriors did patient by patient to the imposing of a sophisticated but unprecedented in scale (by a thousand-fold) isolation of over 58,000,000 people from all the 1,300,000,000 other Chinese citizens.

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China’s policy, strategies, and tactics used to contain and crush COVID-19 in Hubei province —…


This is a worrying trend, considering China’s status in world rankings. Worse, the government is not bothered by this fact. In fact, the government has a scheme to provide better caves. The cave dwellings are referred to as yaodongs and are home to more than 30 million Chinese people.

Many of these cave occupants live in Shaanxi province where the soil is suitable for digging. The dwellers dig into the side of a mountain and use blankets or rice paper as makeshift doors. Those who go an extra mile dig several…

Chinese doesn’t wish to live in a country for the sole reason that this country is democratic. However it happens that many countries that Chinese immigrate into are democratic ( in a boarder sense) countries.

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Popular countries for Chinese to immigrate to are North America, Europe and other countries perhaps with a higher GDP per capita. I, myself had moved to England for my studies around 10 years ago.

From my observation, people are not attracted because of the democratic characteristics of such countries, although it may give people a false message that they have a fairer society. …

China is not what you think it is.

1. I think China is OVER-polluted

I have heard a lot about how polluted China has been, the air here is so bad, until I come here.

There are trees and flowers everywhere in the city. I don’t even need a mask when going out because the atmosphere is so good. I can breath the qualified air with very green background, green ponds full of fishes along the road.

No motorcycle here but cars, bycicles and electronic vehicles.

And almost all of the public toilet I have been here are so clean. Very impressed!

Even a small pond…

I had the plan, the money, the experience, and a manager with extensive retail experience. I had the perfect location with thousands of cars driving by daily. I had great products to sell with enormous margins.

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I negotiated a very special deal with a major big-box retailer, allowing me first-hand access to their overstocks at very low prices; between 25% and 10% of the retail price.

Just do the math…

For a $100 retail price product — I paid only $10!

Even if I sold that item at 50% off the retail price, I would be making 5X my money!

These life advices are coming from my own experiences:

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  1. Watch how you think of yourself — The way you treat yourself, world is going to treat you no better. Think of yourself positively, that should reflect. Your thoughts shape your future.
  2. Think before accepting someone’s support during tough times — That person will support you but later you will feel a burden, not always, but there comes a point when you feel like you should have dealt with your problem on your own.
  3. Cut the toxic people off — Can’t emphasize this enough. Please cut them off. Now this is…

“Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.”
― Epictetus

You lie awake at night, thinking about all the things you must get done the next day. Work. The kids. Dinner. Bills.

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There are things that need to be done around the house, and you still need to plan that vacation, birthday party, or get together with a great friend.

At that moment, it feels like the list is a mile long. The list keeps growing and the time is shrinking.

On top of those concerns, you are also…

One day a Farmer and his educated son, went for camping in the nearby forest. They lit the campfire as it started getting cold, cooked their dinner and put up the tent. After having dinner, they sneaked into their tent and went to sleep.

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At midnight, suddenly father woke up the son and pointing upwards he asked,

Father: Hey! What can you see?

Son: A night Sky full of twinkling stars.

Father: Ok… What else?

Son: The Moon, some of the other bright objects are planets, and if you will look carefully some bright stars make up patterns in the…

The current evidence from the United Kingdom suggests that the likelihood of the pregnant getting Covid-19 are similar to that of other healthy adults.

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About two-thirds of the pregnant with Covid-19 have no symptoms (i.e. are asymptomatic). Most of those who have Covid-19 have mild symptoms like that of the common cold or flu-like symptoms.

However, a small number can get moderate to severe disease.

Pregnant women with Covid-19 may be at increased risk of severe disease compared to the non-pregnant, especially in the last trimester (three months) of pregnancy.

As a precaution, the pregnant has been included in the…

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